Landscape Design

Where Beauty Meets Function

Landscaping your home is about creating outdoor space that is aesthetically pleasing and functional! Thomsens Garden Center offers landscape design sessions at your home,  putting you one-on-one with a knowledgeable preferred design partner (Karen Du Mont**). This is an opportunity for you to discuss your landscaping needs and priorities while she can experience your outdoor space and surrounding environment.

To begin, call Karen at 320-420-9955 to schedule an appointment. Karen will then come to your home.  Design sessions range from approximately one to two hours, depending on your design needs.

Be sure to consider these factors to successfully prepare for your design session:

  • The layout of your home on your property, with accurate measurements. Indicate north, south, east and west.
  • Primary areas of family traffic; walkways, driveways, outdoor living areas, child play areas, doorways/entrances.
  • Sun and shade exposures.
  • Views – outside looking toward your home, and inside looking out of your home.

The fee for a design session is $100 per hour, due at the end of the session. After your design is complete, Karen will present you with a coupon for $50 off your landscaping and gardening purchases totaling $400 or more at Thomsens Garden Center (this coupon does not expire).



**Disclaimer: Karen Du Mont is an independent professional and is not employed by Thomsens Garden Center. Karen is a preferred design partner of Thomsens.