Our Story

Our Community

The “roots” of Thomsens Garden Center took hold in the late 1970’s. We are proud of the fact that we have grown into one of Minnesota’s largest greenhouse and garden centers, and through this we have helped thousands of gardeners make Central Minnesota one of the most beautiful places to live!

We Are Growers

“We grow what we sell”. This is especially important because we understand the plant material and how each particular variety performs in Central Minnesota. Our philosophy on growing ensures plants are thriving when moved into our retail garden center, but more importantly that the plants will continue to thrive when planted in your garden.


Greenhouses and garden centers were the original “green” movement. Green plant material, such as trees and perennials, absorb carbon dioxide and in turn release oxygen into our environment. While all trees vary in their size and absorption rates, a single tree can absorb up to 40 lbs. of carbon dioxide each year and release enough oxygen back into the atmosphere for 2 human beings. At Thomsens, we feel it is our responsibility to think globally and act locally in order to maintain the precious resources that so thankfully have been provided to us. When thinking about recycling at a greenhouse, the first item that comes to mind is plastic. Plastic pots, plastic trays, and greenhouse plastic are among the most widely used in this field. Each year we sanitize, by hand, tens of thousands of trays and containers for (re)use in the upcoming season. It’s not fun, but more a labor of love that lends a personal satisfaction year-round. In addition to plastic, all of the cardboard, wooden pallets and aluminum waste, as a result of our growing operations, is recycled. This equates in the long run to tons of material each year that is being recycled rather than filling a landfill. We love our surroundings here in Collegeville; and with continued efforts to protect our limited resources, both on our part and on the part of the community, we can continue to enjoy Thomsens and our environment for years to come!

Our Mission

Thomsens Garden Center is dedicated to continuing the tradition of being a “community” destination for those seeking to enhance the quality of life through gardening and outdoor living. Our experienced staff is passionate about quality, selection and the success of our clientele.