Spring Basket Planting Party

Spring Basket Planting Party

March 27th, 28th, & 29st 2020

By March of any given year, Thomsens clientele and Minnesotans in general have endured 5 months of harsh cold, snow and life without the beauty and serenity of lush gardens and extravagant floral color. In 2009, Thomsens introduced the perfect remedy to these seasonal doldrums – the Spring Basket Planting Party!

Our Spring Basket Planting Party is a secret oasis for that long overdue girl’s day out. The party begins with the opportunity to learn about mix container design from the experts, and continues as you marvel over the limitless choices of annual plants to use in your own creation. Bidding farewell to dirty hands and your labor of love, we take over the growing and care until Mother Nature has lifted her wintry burden from Central Minnesota. The party doesn’t end there – sip a glass of wine, savor some food, and enjoy a massage while continuing to absorb the instant green-ification of our environment. All are included in this experience.

Thomsen’s Spring Basket Planting Party features a 14-inch container, which can serve as either a hanging basket or patio pot. Basket templates, expert instructions, and hands-on assistance will assure you have an enjoyable and successful design experience. You can choose to design and plant one or more containers, depending on your particular needs.

To ensure the most fulfilling experience, reservations are required. Our 2020 party has three days for you to choose from: Friday, March 27th from 2-6pm, Saturday, March 28th from 10am-2pm and Sunday, March 29th from 10am-2pm. Word of mouth is spreading quickly, so call the greenhouse or register online to guarantee your place. Please note if a guest is attending but not purchasing a basket, a $20.00 entrance fee, paid upon entrance, is required to enjoy the food, drink and extra activities. Children 5 and under can attend for free.

Baskets will be available for pick up May 13th – May 31st. We recommend calling the greenhouse before coming, as weather conditions will affect the growth rate of your creation. Also, we encourage you to come out to visit your young creation as it develops into a beautiful blossoming masterpiece. Before you arrive to the party, consider a few aspects of container design: Will the container be in a sun or shade exposure? How much maintenance throughout the season will you give your container? Do you have a particular color scheme to follow?

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