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Grass Little Bluestem scoparium

Common Name: Grass Little Bluestem

Botanical Name: Schyzichyrium

Variety: S. scoparium

Blossom Color: Green/Blue

Bloom Time: Jul-Oct

Zone: 3 to 9

Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade

Mature Height: 36"

Mature Width: 24 - 36"

Notes: One the most iconic prairie grasses. It is especially dominant in short-grass prairies and behaves beautifully in residential gardens. Very drought tolerant but will tolerate in moist situations as well. It has a beautiful blue-green color in the summer that turns copper, crimson, and brown after the first frost. It will hold color all winter. Fluffy white seed heads add interest. It is an excellent plant for wildlife and serves as a larval host for several Skipper butterfly species among many others!