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3 Easy Early Spring Projects

Posted by admin on February 05, 2013

This is the toughest time for gardeners in Minnesota. No matter how warm it gets we know that the tide will change in the next few months and we are back to full blown winter, pushing off the true spring even longer. What can we do in the mean time? Well, if we know we can’t grow things outside we should be trying to bring a little more nature inside. Here are a few small projects to help you get through the rest of winter with ease.

1 - Decorate an old pot. The easiest way to make something look new is to paint it. Pick your favorite color and go with it. The nice thing about paint: you can change your entire color scheme to fit new trends or your own changing taste.

2 - Grow something. ANYTHING. Grow some peas or some cat grass. These two plants do alright in the low light conditions of the house and also mature quickly so you can see some results before going insane waiting for spring to arrive.


Anther fun thing to grow inside: peas. I’ve never had a full meal’s worth of pods but it is fun to watch them bloom and also make great little midnight snacks.


3 - Remember the plants you already have inside? They could use a bit of spring cleaning right about now. If you have large leaf varieties use a soft rag and gently wipe away dust. Large plants can be placed in the shower and gently rinsed with lukewarm water. Plants with fuzzy leaves shouldn’t have water splashed on them because the sitting water can cause spotting so it’s best to use a small paint brush to gently sweep away dust and debris.



Roots, the most overlooked part of the plant should be cleaned every few months. How? Take distilled water and water the plant enough that water flows from the bottom of the container. This flushes extra salts and minerals that have been accumulating in the soil. Some plants are sensitive to this causing browning of leaf tips.

*Images courtesy of Sunset, and Saavy Cat Snippets

Garden Zone - Standing up to the heat

Posted by admin on June 12, 2012

Do you have a spot in the yard that get’s way too hot? Is it dry and windy? Is it so hot it makes YOU wilt? There are very few plants with the ability to stand up to the heat but these bright blooming beauties keep growing and blooming through the hottest parts of the season.